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We created Magnolia Coffee to provide exceptional tasting coffees and make a difference in people's lives. And we do. We source amazing coffees from around the world and meticulously craft roast in small batches to highlight each coffee's peak natural flavors. And we're darn good at it and we think you'll agree.

But great coffee is also about community. And that's what we think makes our coffees even more special for you. We proudly support the local communities we serve as well as the very far away farming communities where we source our coffees. We support multiple community based initiatives and fundraisers in the communities we serve including for local non-profits, schools, churches, the environment for clean water, and agencies fighting to end hunger and homelessness.

So thank you for your support and enjoy knowing that with each cup or bag of our beans you enjoy, you are helping make a difference in people's lives.

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Questions, Comments, Inquiries... This is the Place.

If you have any questions, comments, inquiries, please feel free to contact us anytime. We promise to get back with you asap. Even though we’re all busy making this passion of ours work as a business, we realize the most important part of this is servicing our customers, clients and partners well.

Magnolia Coffee

Let us know what you want. Please feel free to use any of the ways shown here if you want to inquire, buy coffee, comment, tell a joke.... whatever. Thx!


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We take your privacy very seriously. We will not share any of your information with any third parties.

Magnolia Coffee

Full Service Wholesale

We have an expert staff with more than 60 years combined experience in specialty coffee spanning wholesale, retail, training, marketing, store operations and start-up guidance.

We offer full start-up consultation including everything from equipment sourcing, menu development, training, product guidance and recipes, high quality brewing methods and marketing expertise.

We can also help you source everything from your to go cups to the accessories and supplies you’ll need to craft the highest quality drinks possible on the planet.

We offer free training on site when we can get to you—as well as comprehensive training guides and printed materials to support all your coffee program needs for a special, high quality, high profitability coffee program.

We are approachable and love sharing our passion and expertise with customers we want to support with long-term mutually beneficial relationships. We love what we do and we love sharing what we know to help support your success and profitability!

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