The easy and always enjoyable AeroPress. Caffeine up my friends.

Step 01 - Filter

Place round AeroPress filter in side the dispersion screen.

Step 02 - Preheat & Rinse

Tighten the screen and filter to the bottom of AeroPress and rinse with hot water. Be sure to dump rinse water from cup.

Step 03 - Grind

Grind coffee slightly finer than drip.

Step 04 - Dose

Attach funnel and dose the AeroPress with 18g of coffee.

Step 05 - Pour

Remove funnel, start timer, and quickly pour 270g of water into the AeroPress. The slurry should come almost to the top.

Step 06 - Stir

Use the paddle to stir. Stir for 4 seconds.

Step 07 - Steep

Place plunger on top creating a seal. Let brew for 1:00.

Step 08 - Stir

Remove plunger and stir for 4 seconds at the 1:10 mark.

Step 09 - Plunge

Remove AeroPress from scale, return plunger to AeroPress and gently press for 30 seconds until reaching the end. Total brew time should be around 2:00 minutes.

Step 10 - Clean

Unscrew dispersion screen then push plunger to eject the spent grounds into trash.

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